Published on 08/21/2019 3:14 am
Outer layer of the grain

Excess of salt intake will lead to abnormal blood pressures and other related medical complications. Good fats are called non-saturated fats and include oil from vegetable sources. However, your average intake of salt from all sources should not exceed quarter teaspoon. Check out more for Portions of a plate and Portion control kit . Other good sources of protein include fish, milk, chicken, Soy, Tofu, Legumes, whole grains and yes, fruits. Fat not only cushions and protects internal organs, fatty acids are good for your heart, metabolism your body's immune system. Junk foods are prime sources of salt so severely limit your intake of junk food and reduce the amount of salt used in seasoning your healthy eating tips. Whole grain is essentially unpolished grain. Healthy ways of eating: Spicy does not mean salty Without doubt salt is required for our body. This makes eating a healthy diet a pleasurable experience. Healthy salad dressing: Go green and fruity Fruit and vegetables are loaded with healthy carbohydrates and not only supply more than half of our energy requirement it also supplies half of our fiber, minerals, and vitamins requirement. If you include food from each of these five groups, not only will you get all the required proteins and vitamins, your plate will automatically contain a wide variety of foods and colors. But because we all love sweets, an occasional sweet won't cause much damage. Finally, over 70% of your brain is made up of fat. Chocolate made from real coco is better than hard boiled or gummy sweets but only just. Exercise and weight management: Sweets are good but once in a blue moon Confectionery manufacturers combine sugars with saturated fats to create stick sweets, such as candy, bonbons and pralines, etc. So limit your chocolates to no more than twice a month. By occasional we mean once-a-month. Portion sizes of food: Include good Fats There are fats and then there are good fats. If you feel the urge, you might find that dried fruits are a good substitute. We need to introduce other protein sources into our Eating Healthy Quizzes. Here's the secret of why we keep stressing on fruits and vegetables: Fruits and healthy diet recipes have a high water and fiber content which means they provide more nutrients per calorie than any other food you can think of. Fats are required because it dissolves and transports vitamins A, D, E and K throughout the body. These are not only harmful for our teeth but are also our body because sweets contain calories without the nutrients. Healthy ways of eating: Variety is the spice of life There are five food groups; Grains, Vegetables, Milk, Fruits, Meat & Beans. Healthy menu planner: Select whole grain products Anything made from whole grain has more fiber, minerals and vitamins all of which are good for your portion size guide. Polishing removes the outer layer of the grain and unfortunately with it goes the nutrients because in grains, the nutrients are located in the outer layers. Weight loss programs: Vary your protein source In most American homes, our proteins come mainly from eggs, beef, pork and cheese.

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